Archer showing his teefers.

The “getting to know you” stage.

When my son first mentioned that he really wanted to have a Rottweiler, I was not a fan. I had heard all the usual dangerous descriptions that are also associated with Pitt Bulls. I had heard that Rottweilers were unpredictable, vicious, and aloof. We have children and babies within our family and friends so a mean type of dog was not one that I wanted to bring into our home.

However, I wanted to be educated on facts before I gave a final answer one way or the other. I researched the breed, I watched an unbelievable amount of videos, and I snooped around on several breed specific websites. Want to know what I learned? Rottweilers are big derps. lol

Archer showing his teefers.

To be completely honest, the first Rottie we met ended up not being the right one for us. Ruger had been treated poorly by men and didn’t react well around my son. Surprisingly, he was not overly friendly to me either. Feeling very sad about the abuse that poor dog had received but knowing that we would not be the best place to rehabilitate him was difficult. It was several weeks later when we were contacted about Archer.

Pet Angels Rescue

Archer had been pulled out of a animal shelter by Pet Angels Rescue in Oklahoma City. He had contracted kennel cough while he was at the animal shelter and was finally healed enough to find his new furever home. The staff at Pet Angels knew that we were looking for a Rottie and called us to come and meet him. Truthfully, we were a smidge hopeful with a dash of pessimism. That changed within one minute of meeting Archer. He was adorable, loving, obedient, and amazing! He was supposed to be my son’s dog and it was so sweet how quickly Archer took to him. Yes, even though Archer loves me too, he adores my son much more.

On the way to Archer's furever home!
Social media on the way home!

Total buds from the start.

The bestest buds



He is ours and we are his.

The last eight months has been a time of getting to know each other. We learned that Archer had been trained on everything by his previous owners. He has a vocabulary of approximately 20ish words and he greets men and women strangers with positive expectation instead of fear. He is ready to get all the love from his new friends. I’ve had almost 7 foot men to barely 5 foot women as well as a squealing toddler here with him and he is gentle and fascinated with everyone. Sadly, we discovered after a week of having him that he has mild hip displasia. But, this means that we are the perfect furever home for him because we are a pretty chill household. (no, not lazy…. just chill) haha

He gets along great with other dogs also which is a tremendous relief to me! If he wanted to be the big dog at daycare, I would be mortified. ; ) Bouse Fur House assures me that he is a big goofball who demands laps to sit in while he is there. I’m a proud mommy.

Final Thoughts

Since Archer become part of our family, I joined two Facebook communities. It’s fun learning even more about this breed which goes against ALL the steriotypes I had mistakenly listened to over the years. This breed is large which means they need training immediately. This breed is smart which means their people need to stay two steps ahead of them to keep them out of harm. What I mean by that is… they can counter surf, they can problem solve, they can calculate risks and rewards – hence the title Rottenweiler. Finally, this breed is loyal, loving, and so much fun. I went from being overly nervous of having this breed of dog in our home to being head over heels in love and missing him when I’m at work.

If you have questions about Archer or want to know more about the groups I subscribe to on Facebook, please comment below and I will share what I’ve learned. I would also love to hear about YOUR furbaby(s) whether they are Rottenweiler’s like Archer, another breed of dog or other pets!

Tongues out Tuesday for Archer
100% derp and love bear.

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