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Have you ever been inspired to do something that was scary and outside your box of comfort? Perhaps you’ve said yes to that inspiration and then as the days went along, in the nitty gritty of finding your footing, a slight shift in the original idea took place?

This happened to me recently. I was inspired to start a blog that would be a place of encouragement and community. A place where others could visit to find a helpful tip, discover a place to travel, or put a smile on their face. Then I got into the weeds of the thing! The details of the how and the what, the figuring out of the technicalities, and then rubbing my temples at the mistakes and redo’s that inevitably happen the first month or so of a new venture.

The drive of my heart has always been to create and restore peace. Totally tall order for this big ole world, but one that is knit into the very fabric of my being. (I’m an Enneagram 9 if you are into that stuff!) So, quickly, I found myself stressed and over my head with the minutia. Has this happened to you?

Here is a really cool graphic from “madewholecollective” about the “9”, and if you are interested, we can do some blog posts about the Enneagram numbers in the future!

But then, this morning I was reading Romans 11 and Paul’s words jumped out at me as if they had become 3-D! “For everything comes from Him and exists by His power and is intended for His glory. All glory to Him forever! Amen.” I felt a strong nudge in my heart that I had derailed a bit from the original inspiration. At first, I tried to counter with “but….” however, I shut that down quick and agreed that I had become more consumed with getting content on the site that readers would like than getting content that would be impactful.

All day I pondered on this revelation and asked what would be HIS best for this blog going forward. Consequently, once a week – Lord willing and the creek don’t rise – we will share practical application devotions that come out of the scripture. We will be able to share what God is doing to use it in our lives and for His intended glory. I am confident that His Word will go out to you and it will not return to Him void.  He promised it would be so! 😊

With all my heart I encourage you to seek God and ask Him what areas of your life were meant to give Him glory. The areas you have been tempted to make about anything except Him. Is it your career, your family, your education, your friends? All these areas are meant to provide an avenue to share Christ and bring your own special kind of life.

Maybe you’re asking what’s wrong with fun/simple blog posts about everyday things? Not one thing! My gentle nudge was about the lack of a spot for Him. Much like setting a place at the table for a loved one that you are expecting to show up! My desire is that there is a place set each week for Him to show up and speak to us – you and me!

Please leave a comment in the section below sharing ways that you have been encouraged to modify something in your life that He intended for His glory. Until next time….

Tammy Adams

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